Lenten Sacred Art Workshop & Meditation

Sacred Art Workshops & Meditations for Lent

Become a part of history: Deepen your faith and connect to your spiritual ancestors

Deepen your Lenten spiritual experience by hosting a Sacred Art Workshop or Meditation  for your church or community. Sacred art workshops and meditations help focus attention and redirect it towards deeper spiritual understanding.

Lent is a season of reflection, meditation, and deepened spiritual understanding, therefore, an optimal season for hosting a sacred art workshop or meditation. Each Lenten sacred art workshop or meditation will be led by a qualified teacher who will guide each student towards a deepening understanding of their faith, while instructing the students in the creation of a beautiful and profound work of sacred art. The sacred art work the students creates will become a family heirloom that will continue to serve as a reminder to deepen and strengthen ones faith.

Each student will receive at the Lenten Sacred Art Workshop or Meditation:

  • Personalized instruction
  • Art materials to use in class
  • Theological and spiritual instruction
  • Sacred art history and symbolism
  • Guided prayer and meditation
  • A Lenten booklet
  • A deepened faith

Discounts are available for large groups, and for prepayment.

Call to inquire: 908-304-5541

It isn’t often that you can find an artist, a teacher, and a theologian wrapped into one, but with Vas Avramidis, this combination is actually possible. I began my journey learning to paint icons in the traditional style with egg tempera, two years ago. I took some weekend courses, and learned some techniques, but did not get the individual, precise, and joyful instruction that I received with Vas. Having worked with young people, Vas is a very adept teacher, giving many examples, explaining why a process is done at a certain time, and shares his wealth of knowledge of art and beauty. He allowed me to be hands-on in developing my work, demonstrating, then having me complete the technique, rather than doing it for me. So many classes result in the instructor taking over the brush, in an effort for everyone to leave happy with a finished icon, despite the work representing the teacher rather than the student. Vas was very respectful of my work, and my need to learn by doing myself. When I made missteps, Vas was patient, and explained that part of the icon painting experience is learning humility, perseverance, and patience. Mixing colors from ground minerals with egg medium is an art that few teachers of iconography explain or share. Vas gave me detailed instruction mixing colors to the point where I felt confident I could replicate the color palate on my own. I enjoyed many conversations on art, spirituality, creativity, and aesthetics during our studio time together. Our lessons were an experience in learning to reflect God’s beauty, and finding that iconography is another way to pray with a paintbrush.

Carol Funk 11/9/2014


Icon painting workshop
Icon painting workshop

Based in New Jersey and serving the following areas: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New York, and Connecticut.

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