Creating Christian Culture

Reclaiming the Culture and the Arts

Christianity once dominated the culture, producing some of histories most memorable and impactful art. Over the last century however, Christians have either retreated from cultural and artistic engagement, or else have resorted to trite expressions of faith in art. How can we recapture the culture and reclaim our rightful place within the art world? That is exactly what this course aims to address.

Creating Christian Culture Topics:

  • Beauty, Goodness, and Truth: A Survey of Aesthetics
  • History of Sacred Art
  • Art and the Bible: Is Art Prohibited by the Second Commandment
  • Art and the Early Church: Image, Idol, and Iconoclasm – A Look at the Controversies and Solutions
  • Divine Praxis: Disciplines and Practices for the Christian Artist
  • The Creative Word: Spreading the Gospel through the Arts
  • Developing your Craft
  • The Place of the Church: How does the Church Foster Art and Culture
  • Worship and Community: The Call of the Artist within the Church and the Greater Community
For the Beauty of the Earth .:. Creating Christian Culture and Art
For the Beauty of the Earth .:. Creating Christian Culture and Art


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